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YouTube: ashleynicolefashion

Twitter: ashley26nicole

Instagram: ashley26nicole

Instagram: ashleynicolefashion

Polyvore: ashleynicolefashion

Pinterest: ashleynicole126

For anything business related, please contact me at:

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2 thoughts on “Contact Me!

  1. Just wanted to say a big congratulations on how well your doing on your outstanding grades. Amazing. So much studying. And also the orange dress is adorable and love the black ankle strap heels. And they are actually affordable. The platform heels you wear in your pictures are pretty and helps in gaining some height. Are you ever going to post on You Tube again? Have you marked as a favorite and hope you don’t take it down. From the early years of high school now until about of college, how times flies. Hope John treats you as a very special girlfriend.

    • Thank you so much! I would love to post videos again, but my school schedule doesn’t allow me enough time to do them as well as I would want to. I have a whole list planned for as soon as I have more free time! He treats me very well :)

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