I’m going to do a little self-promotion today! A few months ago I opened an Etsy shop to sell some of my artwork, and I called it PearlsAndPaintStudio.

I create custom paintings and drawings for people based on what I already have on the site, or you can ask me for something completely new! So far I’ve made two canvases, and I’m now working on a bubba keg!

Long-Distance Canvas 

Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Monogram Canvas
Here are some of the things listed on my shop, if you’re interested:

Saturday in Athens Canvas

Watercolor painting

Watercolor Flower

Graphite and charcoal drawing

Sign Language Drawing

Acrylic paint on canvas

College Canvas 

Pen dot drawing

House Dot Drawing 

I hope that everyone will check out my shop, and please spread the word! I would also love any feedback about my art and business. :)


DIY: Infinity Scarf

Last year, I featured a few infinity scarves that I’d sewn (Christmas, green and blue).  Today I decided to show you how to make one of these scarves. It’s incredibly simple and quick!

Step 1: Go to the fabric store (I like JoAnn and Hobby Lobby), and get 30 inches of fabric. I used to get one yard, but I discovered that it made the scarves extremely long.



Step 2: fold the fabric in half length-wise, and cut it along the fold



Step 3: Lay the fabrics front-to-front (the pretty sides of the fabric facing each other), then pin one end of the fabric together.



Step 4: Sew the ends together, then press along the stitches to get a nice seam


IMG_1680 IMG_1681

Step 5: Fold the fabric length-wise and front-to-front again. Pin the edges of the fold together


IMG_1682 IMG_1683

Step 6: Sew along the pins, about 1/4 of an inch away from the side of the fabric



Step 7: Turn the fabric inside out so that it looks how it would if you were going to put it on


IMG_1687 IMG_1688

Step 8: pin the two ends of the INSIDE fabric together, and sew it together

Step 9: Fold the edges of the opening under, then pin it so that it has a nice seam

Step 10: Sew the ends together, as close to the edge of the fabric as you can


And there you have it, your completed infinity scarf!



DIY: Christmas Scarf

I’ve been taking sewing classes for the past month, and today we had our last class. :( I’m really sad because I loved it, but I’m going to keep working on my sewing!

We did two weeks of smaller projects to help us learn, but two weeks ago we made an infinity scarf! I decided that I wanted to make a Christmas one that I could use throughout December.

Here is the final product :)


I am absolutely in love with how it turned out! I’ll definitely be making more as soon as I can get my hands on more fabric :)

**Let me know if you’d like me to do a post or video showing how to do this!

Michael Kors Inspired Clutch

Today I gave a presentation about Michael Kors’ fall 2014 collection. My group and I had to up-cycle a wedding dress to look like it fit into his collection. There were many fringe pieces in his collection, and they were often incorporated into the bags. I decided to make a clutch to go along with the dress.

First, I cut a 12″ x 6″ piece of fabric from one of the layers that we cut off of the dress.


I then hemmed all of the sides to give the clutch clean edges and sewed the sides of the clutch.


I sewed on a beige button and then covered it in lace to incorporate the sheer/lace fabrics used in the collection. Then, I cut another square of the fabric and cut it into strips. I folded the strips into a one and a half inch piece and sewed it together. Finally, I sewed the fringe into the clutch.


I was really happy with how it turned out, and I thought it definitely fit into the collection well.

My New Phone Case

I got my phone in 2009, and I bought a rhinestone zebra case to go along with it.

Photo is from here.

When stones started falling off in 2010, I scraped off all of the remaining stones and the glue, and I painted it pink. I also painted a fancy “A” in the top right corner for my name.

(I don’t have a picture of this particular case. :/)

After the pink started fading a bit in 2011, I painted it blue.

After that started fading, I decided I needed a new color. I used Champagne Bubbles by Sinful Colors to update the look. After I removed the previous paint (I just used nail polish remover), I painted about three coats of the nail polish on there. Finally, I used a top coat over it so it wouldn’t chip. Here is the final product:

I love painting my phone case myself because it ends up saving me a LOT of money. I believe the original phone case I got was $20, so I basically got four phone cases for that price.

I think for my next case I’m going to paint some sort of design. What do you think I should do?

My First Poll! What’s Your Favorite?

Whichever one gets the most votes is the one that I’ll start doing more of. I may even do a week dedicated to that specific choice. So vote!:)