Review: Revlon Colorstay Makeup (Normal/Dry Skin)


Revlon Colorstay (in Normal/Dry skin – I haven’t tried the Oily skin version yet) is one of my absolute favorite foundations, and I know it’s popular among many others too. It has really great coverage and long staying power, even without primer. This is a huge deal having oily skin (I feel like I say that a lot in these reviews haha), as most foundations seem to simply disappear on me.

This foundation blends really well. It doesn’t dry so fast that you can’t do anything with it, yet it doesn’t take so long that your face feels sticky. Some may not need to use a setting powder with it, but I do just to be safe. I find that with Revlon Colorstay, I have to blot my face fewer times throughout the day.

Revlon Colorstay also has SPF, so it’s great for everyday wear. However, beware when it comes to using it for photography – SPF can make your face appear white on camera.

I highly recommend this foundation to everyone – I honestly have not heard one complaint about it. I know I will definitely be repurchasing it once I use up a few more foundations.

They now sell Revlon Colorstay with a pump, which I have not tried yet. However, I am very excited to because that means less wasted product! Woohoo!

Price: $12.99 at Ulta (linked above)
$8.99 at Target
$8.99 at Walmart

Rating: A+


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