NOTW: “Raspberry Wine” by Sensational

One week

This at-home gel manicure kit is AMAZING. Sensationail is extremely simple to do, and it doesn’t take too much longer than a regular manicure. In fact including drying time, it’s MUCH faster. I’ve used this kit before, but this was the first time that I followed the directions perfectly and really took my time to learn how to do it.

In the picture above, the nail polish had already been on my nails for a week. In the picture below, it had been TWO weeks with NO chips! I painted my nails with this October 20th, and they still look perfect today (November 4th if you’re reading this later). I will have to do an update when they finally chip because I am sincerely impressed with this kit.

The next time I use this kit, I will do a step by step blog post, so you all can see just how easy it is to do. Sensationail will save me so much money in the long run, and I can’t believe how many people have asked me if I got my nails professionally done!

highly recommend this product!

Two weeks

Update: My first nail chipped after sixteen days. I’m impressed! 


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