Review: L’Oreal Excellence Cream Protective Ceramide-Protein Conditioner

L’Oreal Excellence Creme Protective Ceramide-Protein Conditioner is meant to be used when you color-treat your hair. I’ve colored my hair twice in the past year and a half, and I have used this both times.

The directions say to use half the tube all over your hair right after you color treat your hair, then use the rest a week or two later. I used it all over my head right after, but I used the rest a little at a time to keep protecting my hair color.

My mom gave it to me after she did my hair, and it kept my hair nurished, shiny, and soft. I LOVE it; it worked so well and kept my hair from ever looking damaged. It also protected my color from fading, which was great because I didn’t have to get it redone. To top it all off, it has a great scent!


I highly recommend this product if you’ve colored your hair, but it would even be great as a regular conditioner because a little goes a LONG way.

Price: $33.24 for 3 on eBay

Overall rating: A+


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