Review: Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter 

I LOVE Boots Extracts Mango Body Butter. It’s one of the best smelling and moisturizing lotions I’ve ever had. This body butter has a really unique scent even compared to other mango lotions I’ve tried. The tub lasted a very long time because you need much less product per use compared to other body butters. It makes your skin feel amazingly soft after a shower and shave.

The texture of this product is so wonderful. It’s really thick and feels luxurious, which I love in a body butter. It still soaks into the skin really quickly and is SO moisturizing. I like it as much if not better than Bath & Body Works and Body Shop, and Boot Extracts Mango Body Butter is much cheaper. I highly recommend this body butter; I know I will definitely be repurchasing it.

Price: $9.99 at Target

Rating: A+


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