Acrylic painting I did for a class last fall

I’m going to do a little self-promotion today! A few months ago I opened an Etsy shop to sell some of my artwork, and I called it PearlsAndPaintStudio.

I create custom paintings and drawings for people based on what I already have on the site, or you can ask me for something completely new! So far I’ve made two canvases, and I’m now working on a bubba keg!

Long-distance canvas made for a customer

Long-Distance Canvas 

Lilly Pulitzer inspired monogram for a customer

Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Monogram Canvas
Here are some of the things listed on my shop, if you’re interested:

Acrylic painting on canvas 

Saturday in Athens Canvas

Watercolor painting

Watercolor Flower

Graphite and charcoal drawing

Sign Language Drawing

Acrylic paint on canvas

College Canvas 

Pen dot drawing

House Dot Drawing 

I hope that everyone will check out my shop, and please spread the word! I would also love any feedback about my art and business. :)


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