Polyvore Monday: Falling Leaves

It’s finally starting to feel a little like fall here, and I am loving it! This type of weather brings my favorite fashion – jeans and sweaters. Although it’s still too warm for sweaters, I thought this outfit is perfect for a nighttime ensemble when it’s starting to cool down. This set embodies so many current fashion trends even though it only has five pieces.
Off-the-shoulder shirts are all the rage, and combined with the ruffles, this shirt hits today’s market on the head. When it comes to jewelry, we are all loving throwing back to the 90’s with chokers. While jeans today are usually extremely distressed, these are more my style with just the distressed detailing. The gold watch is always a classic, and I’ve been enjoying wearing watches more these days. Finally, we have our tan ankle boots, which I adore. The trend now for boots is to go extreme – either they’re ankle booties or thigh-high! Personally I like the look of ankle booties more, so that’s what I opted for in this outfit. Falling Leaves



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