OOTD: January 19, 2016

Last night my friends and I all went out for John’s and my birthdays, and it was SO much fun!

Where to find it: 
Dress – Target: I originally bought this as a sweater, but I really love it as a dress! It was perfect for the kind of outfit I wanted for last night.
Pantyhose – Target: They’re pretty basic tights, but they helped keep me warm!
Booties – Fab’rik: These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. So comfortable!
Purse – Kohl’s: I swear I use this purse for every event. It holds so much!
Necklace – Decorated Bliss on Etsy: This necklace is engraved with John’s and my anniversary, and it’s quickly becoming one of my most worn necklaces. I definitely recommend this shop! Shipping was really fast too.
Earrings – Target: I got these several years ago, but they’re beautiful!


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