Review: L’Oreal Overnight Repair Treatment

IMG_6188 IMG_6189

I really like the L’Oreal Overnight Repair Treatment, and it lasted me a very long time! I applied the treatment to the ends of my hair after a shower, and it really helped when my hair was damaged. It acts as a leave-in conditioner and makes the hair very soft.

I love how it’s meant as an overnight treatment, and I could definitely tell a difference in my hair the next morning. The treatment doesn’t make hair greasy at all, which is perfect for me.

I also really liked the container. I don’t love conditioners that you have to dip your hand into, so the pump was ideal. It was very easy to control the amount of product that comes out, so I was able to get a lot or a little depending on the condition of my hair. Furthermore, I didn’t feel like any product was wasted because of the pump.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone. I believe it will work for long and short hair. It is very likely that I will purchase this hair treatment; I absolutely love it!

Rating: A



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