DIY: Infinity Scarf

Last year, I featured a few infinity scarves that I’d sewn (Christmas, green and blue).  Today I decided to show you how to make one of these scarves. It’s incredibly simple and quick!

Step 1: Go to the fabric store (I like JoAnn and Hobby Lobby), and get 30 inches of fabric. I used to get one yard, but I discovered that it made the scarves extremely long.



Step 2: fold the fabric in half length-wise, and cut it along the fold



Step 3: Lay the fabrics front-to-front (the pretty sides of the fabric facing each other), then pin one end of the fabric together.



Step 4: Sew the ends together, then press along the stitches to get a nice seam


IMG_1680 IMG_1681

Step 5: Fold the fabric length-wise and front-to-front again. Pin the edges of the fold together


IMG_1682 IMG_1683

Step 6: Sew along the pins, about 1/4 of an inch away from the side of the fabric



Step 7: Turn the fabric inside out so that it looks how it would if you were going to put it on


IMG_1687 IMG_1688

Step 8: pin the two ends of the INSIDE fabric together, and sew it together

Step 9: Fold the edges of the opening under, then pin it so that it has a nice seam

Step 10: Sew the ends together, as close to the edge of the fabric as you can


And there you have it, your completed infinity scarf!




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