Review: Soap & Glory Hand Food Hydrating Hand Cream


This hand cream is unbelievable hyped up, to the point where I felt like I HAD to have it. When I finally found it, I immediately grabbed it up because it wasn’t too expensive either.

I’m going to be honest…I was extremely underwhelmed. I probably would’ve really liked it had I not heard so much about how it was a “holy grail” product. To me, it was good. Good enough to repurchase? Probably not.

It has a good scent, but it’s not anything unique. It is really thick, which I do like my hand creams to be. However, it didn’t feel like it moisturized my hands long-term. I felt like I had to reapply fairly often. The point of hand creams, in my opinion, is to nourish them and make them more soft and hydrated overall. Hand Food just kind of felt like a moisturizing layer over my skin, not really like my actual skin was getting softer.

An added bummer was that towards the end to the product, it got kind of watery, so I couldn’t use it anymore. It’s definitely not a bad product, but there are other hand creams out there that I enjoy more.



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