Review: Bath & Body Works Intense Moisture Body Butter

IMG_5009 IMG_5010

I’m obsessed with this body butter! I got it in the scent “Sensual Amber,” and it smells amazing! I seriously got compliments on the scent all the time because it lasts throughout the entire day. Compared to other lotions I’ve used, I definitely noticed that my skin stayed moisturized and soft a LOT longer when I used this product! I really love how thick and luxurious feeling the body butter is, and it absorbs extremely quickly.

The product lasts a long time when it comes to usage too. I feel like I used this body butter for several months. Because it’s so moisturizing, you don’t need to use as much of it! You can also find great deals at Bath & Body Works where you can get them at a great discount.

I’ve also had the body butterΒ in the scent “Paris Amour,” and I had the same great experience. I would highly recommend these body butters! I’ve already bought a new one! :)

Link to buy it here!



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