Urban Decay NAKED Palette Vs. Wet ‘n’ Wild Walking on Eggshells

The Urban Decay NAKED Palette is one of my all time favorites and has been for several years. When I first got it, one of my go-to looks was “Virgin” in the inner corner and as a highlight under my brow, “Sin” all over my eyelids, and “Smog” in the crease.

About two months ago, I went shopping and picked up the Wet ‘n’ Wild Walking on Eggshells palette because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. After getting it home and using it a few times, I realized that it looked similar to my old favorite look, so I decided to test it out…

IMG_4969 IMG_4970

Here are the swatches I did of each palette. At first glance, the Urban Decay shadows seem to have better color payoff. Note that these were swatched without a primer underneath. Both Sin and Virgin appear to have more of a pink tone than the subsequent Wet ‘n’ Wild shadows, but the crease shades seem to be very similar.

I decided to apply both of the palettes on separate eyes to see how they looked in action. I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Barely Branded underneath the shadows.


{Click here to see all the products I used for this look.}


Like in the swatches, the Urban Decay shadows were more pink and had better color payoff. I had to do a few layers of the Wet ‘n’ Wild crease color to get it to show up the same shade as Smog from Urban Decay. However, the looks are very similar. I wore the different palettes on my eyes all day, and no one noticed a thing. Neither palette creased on me with the primer and eyeshadow base.

IMG_6072 IMG_6073

I decided to compare them again, this time without the Barely Branded as a base, but I did still use the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer. They both still held up really well,  but again I had to use more of the Wet ‘n’ Wild palette to get it at the same intensity as the Urban Decay shadows. Something that definitely showed up more without the base is that the crease and eyelid shades in Walking on Eggshells are actually a lot warmer than Smog and Sin. Also, the eyelid color in the Wet ‘n’ Wild palette is a lot lighter than Sin.

If you’re looking for dupes for some of the Urban Decay shadows, I would definitely give the Wet ‘n’ Wild Palette a try! The Urban Decay Palette runs for $54, and the Wet ‘n’ Wild palette is $2.94 at Target. If you’re really into neutral shadows and subtle looks, Walking on Eggshells is probably for you because it has great quality and is very similar. However, if you’re like me and LOVE experimenting with many different eye looks, I would go for the Urban Decay palette because you get twelve shadows instead of three, and the possibilities are endless.



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