Shop Spotlight: Bows Down South


About two months ago, I ordered some custom hair bows from a shop on Storenvy called Bows Down South. I was so excited because I had looked for a bow in the Sigma Kappa Lilly Pulitzer print for SO long! It looks like she doesn’t have them anymore, so I’m really glad I got it while I could! But I also got a black bow with a gold design and a Lilly Pulitzer First Impressions bow. They’re all really cute and good quality, and I’m very happy with them. :)

Each order comes with one hair clip that you can switch to whichever bow you want to wear that day. Honestly, I would prefer if each bow came with its own clip, but it’s not a huge deal that they don’t. I was really pleased to find that the clip was comfortable and didn’t tug my hair, even when I wear the bow all day. I highly recommend her shop if you love hair bows! She has so many cute designs!


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