NOTW: May 23, 2015

 The other day I gave myself a little manicure to try to make my nails look as good as my toes now do! First, I primed my nails with Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nourishing Nail Color, which I continue to be really impressed with as a base. It made the Essie Nail Polish in Garden Variety essentially completely opaque with one coat! There were only a few streaks throughout all of my nails that made a second coat necessary. I made sure to cap off the tip of each nail, as I’ve heard this will make your polish last longer! We’ll see how this tip works out. Finally, I topped of each nail with two coats of Sinful Colors Top Coat. The top coat dried really quickly, which I liked. This polish and top coat are brand new to me, so I’ll be sure to update with how they perform!
Note: it is now day seven, and I only have a little tiny chip on the top of my right index nail and a little one at the top of my right thumb. I’m really impressed with how they have held up! Usually my nails chip extremely easily


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