Seacret Nail Care



These pictures were taken several days after using the kit!


For Valentine’s Day this year, my dad got my mom, my sister, and I this awesome nail stuff. I seriously can’t say enough good things about this product. It’s called Seacret Nail Care, and it makes my nails look incredible, as you can see above. Even when I don’t have polish on, my nails look like they were professionally groomed, and I’ve actually had people comment on it! And when you do put on nail polish, it helps your manicure look better and stay longer. Seriously guys – you want to go pick up some of this stuff. I give it an A+++.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Body Lotion. According to Seacret, it is “a hydrating balm that is instantly absorbed by the skin and provides a smooth, healthy look. This unique combination of Dead Sea minerals together with natural ingredients leaves your skin relaxed, supple, silky soft and radiant all day.”

Directions: I apply a pea sized among to my hands and massage it in (it really doesn’t take long to absorb at all). Wait until it’s dry to do the next step!

2. Cuticle Oil. “Secret’s Cuticle Oil moisturizes the fingernail area, softening the skin and helping to prevent dryness.”

Directions: I put a dot of oil on every other finger because a little goes a LONG way with this product. Then I massage the oil on my cuticles and the surrounding area of my skin. This step will make pushing cuticles back or cutting them easier.

3. Buffing Block. “Smooth and perfect polish for natural, healthy-looking, shiny nails.” This step is what makes your nails look so amazing!

Directions: First, use the blue side of the block to smooth your nails and get rid of the ridges on your nail. Seacrest recommends that you do this step every four weeks. Then, you use the gray side of the block to polish your nails; this step is recommended every two weeks. Finally, use the white side to buff your nails and give them that extremely shiny look. This step should be done every two weeks as well.

4. Nail File. Finally, “use the nail file to shape the tip of your nails for a complete look.” This step is actually extremely important. It helps your nails look professionally done and a lot cleaner. There are many shapes you could do, but I prefer a square look to my nails!

All in all, I highly recommend this product! And it’s worth the money because if you call the number on the box, they’ll replace your products when you run out!



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