Summer 2015 Goals

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Even though my summer technically started on Friday, I decided to give myself the weekend off just to relax. I’m not going to have as many summer goals this year because I’m taking two summer classes: drawing (yay!) and accounting (boo).

  • Make A’s in both of my classes
  • Organize my stuff into two sections: take home and keep for next year
  • Move out of my apartment
  • Get stuff for room at the Sigma Kappa house
  • Workout and get healthy!
  • Read ten books
  • Do crafts I’ve been meaning to try for a long time
  • Go through all my emails (someday I’ll accomplish this oneโ€ฆ)
  • Learn to cook ten new things
  • Post sixty blog posts
  • Post ten videos
  • Keep working on my Spanish and Italian (I just started learning Italian last week!)

Past years’ summer goals:ย 
Summer 2011 Goals
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