Kristen’s NOTW: Pinterest Inspired

Well, this was definitely a Pinterest-fail for me. I told Kristen I’d paint her nails, and she picked out this design from Pinterest:


Photo is from here.

First, I applied a coat of “Sweet Nothings” by L’Oreal. Then I put two coats of “Designer…de Better!” by OPI on her middle fingernails. After that, I put two coats of “Free Fall” by Pure Ice on her thumbnails, pointer fingernails, and pinkie nails. On her ring fingers, I applied three coats of “Snow White” by Ulta. Finally, I did three stripes of hot pink using Stripe Rite and three stripes of “Designer…de better!” on each ring fingernail.

I don’t think it turned out very well, but practice makes perfect! I’m going to be trying more designs like this in the future, so hopefully I’ll get better.



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