Summer 2014 Goals

Every summer, I make a list of goals that I want to accomplish by the time school rolls around again. Here are my aspirations for the summer of 2014:

  • I want to lose ten pounds. This is on my list every year, but this year it’s especially important to me. I want to be in really good shape for rush!
  • Get my class C license. Don’t even ask me why I haven’t done this yet.
  • Go through all of my emails. I’ve gone through about 300 of them, and I’m not even halfway done. Hopefully I can get it all cleaned out by the time school starts.
  • Sixty blog posts. So far all of my goals are ones I also had last summer, but I think they’re more attainable this summer. I’ve been doing really well keeping up with my blog this year, so this one will be easy.
  • Twenty videos. This goal will be more difficult for me. I’m trying to get back into YouTube, but it always takes me forever to edit because I’m terrible with technology. I’ll try my best to accomplish this one, but there are no guarantees haha.
  • Read ten books. I made this one less than last summer because I’m going to be extremely busy for the next couple months. I’ve missed reading though, so I’ll definitely reach this goal. I’ve already started reading Eldest by Christopher Paolini.
  • Get a job. I’ve already had a few interviews, so I think I’ll accomplish this one!
  • Clean out my room. I’ve accumulated a lot of things I don’t need, so I really want to clean everything out of my room and start over.
  • Make a scrapbook of my freshman year of college. My grandma gave me a really cute scrapbook for my birthday, but I haven’t had time to put it together yet. I think I’m going to put everything that was on my bulletin board in my dorm room into the book.
  • Catch up with my high school friends.
  • Keep in touch with my college friends.
  • Finish Gossip Girl. I’m halfway through season four right now, so I only have about two seasons left. I’m pretty sure I’ll have it done in a few weeks.
  • Catch up on Vampire Diaries. I just started this series, but I want to catch up by the time season six starts.

That’s all I can think of for now, but I’ll add more later if they come to me! What are your goals for this summer?


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