2013 Summer Goals

I know I normally do this post a lot earlier in the summer, but I figured it was better late than never. Here is my list of things I want to accomplish this summer. :) [I’ll update this post as I complete them!]

Graduation thank yous

Catch up on my emails (I’m not sure if there is enough time in even the next year to completely accomplish this, but I want to at least make a little headway)

Get my Class C license (I’ve put it off long enough)

Lose ten pounds

Get everything I need to decorate my dorm

Read twenty books

Forty blog posts

Post twenty videos

Watch fifteen movies I’ve never seen (Example: the Harry Potter series…awful of me, I know)

Register for college classes

Change my hair

Change my room

Meet my roommate

I feel like I’m missing quite a lot on this list, but I suppose I’ll just tell you at the end of the summer if I accomplished anything else. I hope this summer is fantastic!!


4 thoughts on “2013 Summer Goals

  1. BMysterious80 says:

    Well…good luck, lovely Ashley! Based on your videos, I feel that you can definitely achieve your goals if you are determined enough and that you can definitely have a bright future in fashion because of your excellent fashion taste.

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