Christmas Traditions :)

I saw someone post a blog about their Christmas traditions, so I decided to as well. :)


Every year, a week or two before Christmas, my sister, my mom, a few friends, and I make Christmas cookies using my dad’s friend’s recipe. :) They are so good!

Christmas Eve 


Every Christmas Eve, my mom, dad, sister, both grandmas, grandpa, and myself go to church. Afterwards, we go to my grandparents’ house. For dinner, we eat the traditional northern Italian Christmas Eve meal, linguine and sauce, fish, salad, and garlic bread.

After dinner, we open presents from and to our grandparents. We always start with the youngest person, which is now Muffin, my grandparents’ dog, to the oldest person. We always listen to Christmas music while doing this event. Some of our favorites are Elvis, Anne Murray, and now Michael Bublé.

After presents, we eat the dessert that my grandma makes. She prepares a strawberry roll, rosettas (honey cookies), and some other Italian cookies. They are so good!


After dessert, we all just hang out and spend time together. It’s always a lot of fun. :)

Christmas Day 

Christmas day is always very relaxing. I used to always be the one to get up first, but now it’s normally my sister at around ten in the morning. She and I go downstairs to wake up our parents and see if Santa came. When our parents and grandma come out of their bedrooms, Kristen and I start opening presents from Santa. We alternate between the two of us, each opening up one present on our turn. After we are done, my parents and grandma open their presents individually.


After we are done opening the presents from Santa, my mom gets our breakfast out of the oven. I’m not sure what it is called, but it is so good! Last year she put eggs, bacon, and cheese in it, but the year before she put sausage in too. It is always delicious. :)

After breakfast, my sister then hands out one present to everyone, and we all take turns opening ours. We continue this routine until the presents under the tree are gone. My other grandparents normally show up around the time that we’re finishing presents.

While we’re all exploring our new things, my mom starts to prepare dinner. We normally have ham, sauce and roni (for my dad), mashed potatoes, some sort of vegetables, rolls, and salad. It’s always really tasty. :)

A couple hours later, we eat dessert. My mom has started making this strawberry delight (I think that’s the name?) dessert, and it is really good!

Christmas is always a great day to spend with my family. :)

December 26th 

My birthday is always a very relaxing day for me. My grandparents always come over in the afternoon, and the past three years I’ve always had a friend or two over also. Before freshman year, I would always have my birthday party on my birthday, but I decided that though fun, it was a little too stressful on my parents.


For dinner, my mom always makes one of my favorite dishes. The past few years has been lasagna because hers is delicious! For my cake she always makes cherry cake and cherry icing, which my dad taught me to love. :)

The holidays are such a wonderful time. ♥


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