Polyvore Monday: Homecoming Queen

To find out more about the items in this set, click here.

I cannot believe that this year, the homecoming queen will be picked from my class. It feels like just yesterday that I was in eighth grade wondering what it was like to be a senior. This is kind of weird, but I thought of the seniors as a sort of royalty. Now that I am a senior, I’ve come to realize that this year is mostly just stress, but there is still a sense of us ruling the school. I based today’s set off of how I viewed senior year when I was in middle school.

I chose a glamorous gold dress that reminds me of something that Taylor Swift would wear. I accessorized with black jewelry to keep it classy, and I chose a pink clutch and heels to make the ensemble more unique. Though I love my dress this year (it’s my favorite of all of mine so far), I would also love to wear these items to homecoming.

What would you wear for  your senior year homecoming?


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