Polyvore Monday: Frolicking with Class

For more information on the items in this set, click here.

Today I wanted to do a more classy look. However, I still wanted to keep it youthful. I started by choosing the dress, which has a very nice cut and print, and I paired it with some sheer black pantyhose. I wanted the shoes to be black to keep the legs looking long. I chose a colorful bag to keep the outfit fun, and I matched the jewel in the bracelet to the bag. The hat and earrings were more on the classy side to give the outfit a good mixture. Finally, I chose a pastel yellow nail polish to match the dress and to bring another color to the outfit without looking overdone.


9 thoughts on “Polyvore Monday: Frolicking with Class

  1. Durel says:

    Cute and such a nice outfit. Like everything. Wish you could have taken pictures to share. You would look adorable. But what the heck! Thanks for letting us know where we can buy the same things.

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