April Posts

Here are all of the posts from April. These include the ones that I made up due to being extremely busy. :) I decided to just do a post every other day for this month (unless I had pictures or a post already for a specific date).

1st: Essentials: Straight Hair

Find out what things are super beneficial for people with straight hair!

2nd: Polyvore Monday: Pretty in Pastel

See how to incorporate pastels into your spring wardrobe.

3rd: Essentials: Wavy Hair

See what things you need to maintain your wavy hair.

5th: Essentials: Curly Hair

Find out what curly headed people need to keep their curls bouncing.

7th: Essentials: Relaxed Hair

Take a look at what products really help out relaxed hair.

9th: Polyvore Monday: Sunset Avenue

Look at how I incorporated the sunset into this outfit.

11th: Project Ten Random

See some random items I’ve finished, and find out more about me.

13th: My New Phone Case

See how I changed my phone case without spending any money.

15th: OOTD: April 15, 2012

Take a look at what I wore today.

16th: Polyvore Monday: Spring Statement

See how you can make a statement with your shoes.

18th: NOTW: April 18, 2012

Look at what color I painted my nails this week.

20th: Urban Decay NAKED Palette Swatches, Descriptions, Uses, and Combinations

See swatches (with and without flash) of the much-talked about NAKED palette, and find out how I use each color.

22nd: OOTD: Titanic in 3D

Find out what I wore to see the Titanic.

23rd: Polyvore Monday: My Parents’ Anniversary

What outfit was inspired by my parents’ anniversary?

25th: Hair of the Day (HOTD): April 15, 2012

Find out how I did my hair.

27th: OOTD: Twitter Photo

See what I’m wearing in my Twitter photo, and find out where I got the items.

29th: Photo Shoot Experiments

How much did I change about me for the photo shoot?

30th: Polyvore Monday: Bright and Gold

See how mixing colors can make an outfit pop.


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