Summer 2012 Goals

Here are the goals I want to accomplish this summer. :)

* Catch up on March posts.

*Catch up on April posts.

*Catch up on May posts.

*Finish the AP Literature summer reading list.

*Finish the AP Studio Art summer project list.

*Get my braces off.

*Post the new pantyhose outfit video.

*Do at least two series.

*Lose at least five pounds. (Ultimate goal: ten pounds)

*Get my senior pictures done.

*Read the Harry Potter series.

Click here to check out last year’s goals and whether I accomplished them!


6 thoughts on “Summer 2012 Goals

  1. Durel says:

    That is a whole bunch of things for you to get done for the summer. I know you put in a lot of time on this site which is fun everyday. I guess it’s a priority thing. Love the fashion clothes, shoes and makeup videos. Such detail is amazing.

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