My New Phone Case

I got my phone in 2009, and I bought a rhinestone zebra case to go along with it.

Photo is from here.

When stones started falling off in 2010, I scraped off all of the remaining stones and the glue, and I painted it pink. I also painted a fancy “A” in the top right corner for my name.

(I don’t have a picture of this particular case. :/)

After the pink started fading a bit in 2011, I painted it blue.

After that started fading, I decided I needed a new color. I used Champagne Bubbles by Sinful Colors to update the look. After I removed the previous paint (I just used nail polish remover), I painted about three coats of the nail polish on there. Finally, I used a top coat over it so it wouldn’t chip. Here is the final product:

I love painting my phone case myself because it ends up saving me a LOT of money. I believe the original phone case I got was $20, so I basically got four phone cases for that price.

I think for my next case I’m going to paint some sort of design. What do you think I should do?


3 thoughts on “My New Phone Case

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