Essentials: Relaxed Hair

In Seventeen, there was an article showing three things that people with a certain hair type need. I thought this was a good idea, so I did a little research. Instead of just limiting the essentials to three products, I found the products that were mentioned the most amount of times by people with straight, wavy, curly, and relaxed hair. If you have a certain hair type that I didn’t mention here, just let me know, and I’ll do a post for you!

I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance that this post is not as good as the straight hair one. I had more trouble with the other three since I don’t have these hair types. I did a lot of research though, so hopefully it will help. I could not find as much on relaxed  hair as I could on the others. If you have relaxed hair and know more tips, please tell me!

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Here are the products that a lot of people with relaxed hair love to have:

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Many people recommend using shampoo and conditioner for dry, chemically, or color treated hair. These products will help moisturize your hair and balance your hair’s pH. According to one article,  “relaxers drastically dry and alter the pH of your hair.”

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As relaxed hair can often be dry, it’s important to use a moisture mask after you wash it. To prevent frizz, do this step at night and let it soak in while you sleep. This product will also help prevent breakage.

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To give hair shine, try using dry oil. The most popular way to use this product is to apply it to the lower half of your hair to avoid greasy roots. Once again, this product can add needed moisture to the ends of your hair.

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Another way to avoid frizz and loss of moisture is to wear your hair in a silk hair wrap at night while you sleep. I had someone comment on one of my posts a while back and tell me that wearing one on the way to work or school can help prevent frizz throughout the day as well.

Other Hair Types:




Do you have any other hair types that you would like to see three essential products for?


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