Essentials: Curly Hair

In Seventeen, there was an article showing three things that people with a certain hair type need. I thought this was a good idea, so I did a little research. Instead of just limiting the essentials to three products, I found the products that were mentioned the most amount of times by people with straight, wavy, curly, and relaxed hair. If you have a certain hair type that I didn’t mention here, just let me know, and I’ll do a post for you!

I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance that this post is not as good as the straight hair one. I had more trouble with the other three since I don’t have these hair types. I did a lot of research though, so hopefully it will help. :)

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Here are the products that a lot of people with curly hair love to have:

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Many websites recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t weigh your hair down. The moisture will keep your curls healthy, shiny, and strong.

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It is also good to use a leave in conditioner (ones with anti-frizz serum in them saves a step) to give your hair extra moisture.

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A lot of what I read said to treat wavy and curly hair the same when it comes to curl cream and mousse. (If this statement is wrong, please let me know!) So in the wavy post, I said,  “Almost everything I read about wavy hair said that the less product you use, the better. Two highly suggested products were curl cream and mousse. Overall, people said to spread either product throughout your damp hair; then  flip your head over and scrunch your hair with your hands. Several suggested to keep occasionally scrunching your hair until it is completely dry. Most people recommend not to use a hair dryer, but others said it was possible to use one and still have your hair look good. I guess it is just a personal preference. :)”

If you don’t like using creams, curl sprays and gels are available as well.

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To keep your curls in place, flexible hair spray is a great choice because it won’t leave your hair crunchy.

Other Hair Types:





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