Hunger Games Premiere ♥

The Hunger Games première was last night and this morning, and I had so much fun! I went with a couple of my best friends, and the movie was absolutely awesome. :) Hannah and Christina came over after school, and we hung out for a while and talked about the book. We also went and got some frozen yogurt. :) Later on, Lizzie and her mom came and picked us up for the movie! We got there at nine o’clock so that we could be sure to get good seats. By the time it was time to go into the theater, the line was so long! We had some people try to cut in front of us, but Lizzie’s mom took care of it (haha!). Here are some pictures of  the première. :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S. My Prom Week video for today got messed up, so this will just have to be the Day Six post!


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