Saturday’s Check List (Prom Week: Day Five)

I just thought I’d share my schedule that I came up with to make sure Saturday goes smoothly. :)

10:30-11:00: Take off nail polish and paint nails

11:00-11:15: Make sure everything is in my clutch and wait for nails to dry completely

11:15-11:40: Take shower

11:40-11:50: Blow-dry hair and put on sweatpants

11:50-12:50: Mom does my hair

12:50-1:00: Get makeup out that I’ll need to use on Christina

1:00-1:45: Do Christina’s makeup

1:45-2:3o: Do my makeup

2:30-2:40: Get dressed

2:40-3:00: Take pictures with family

3:00: Leave for pictures at Emily’s church

3:30-4:15: Pictures with our group

4:30-6:00: Dinner with our group

6:15-7:00: Ride to prom in party bus

7:00-11:00: PROM! :)


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