Preparing for Prom (Prom Week: Day One)

Prom is one week away, so it’s time to start getting ready! Here are a few ways I suggest getting ready for prom.

One thing I will definitely be doing this week is a face mask each night. Cupcake by LUSH clears up my skin so much! One of my friends is actually using it too, and she loves it as well. :) Also, I am making sure I wash my face nightly! Sometimes I accidentally fall asleep with my makeup on, but that canNOT happen this week. After I wash my face each night, I will make sure to put on my eye cream because I definitely do not want bad circles for prom. (Going along with this, make sure you get a lot of sleep this week!) Before I start to use my self tanner (by Bath and Body Works) I am going to make sure to really exfoliate. Also, I will moisturizing so that my skin is not dry for prom.

I will be doing a hair mask about halfway through this week. If you do not want to go out and buy a hair mask, you can just use your conditioner. I have found that it works really well. :) It makes my hair feel really soft and replenished. Make sure to practice what hair style you want before the day of prom.

If you are doing your own nails, I recommend filing, removing the ridges, buffing, and shining your nails before you paint them. It makes them look so good! Make sure to get your nails done one or two days before prom. Last time I tried to do my nails the day of…let’s just say it did not go well.

I highly suggest using whitening strips; they are amazing. :)

One last tip is to make a list of everything you need to do!

Here is my list for this week:

  • Use face mask EVERYDAY.
  • Use self tanner EVERYDAY.
  • Practice hairstyle on Monday.
  • Do hair mask on Wednesday.
  • Get everything together on Thursday.
  • Paint nails on Friday.

Hope this helps you guys get ready for prom. :)


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