I Will Find a Way

This past weekend, I found the perfect pair of boots at Rack Room Shoes. Because I don’t have any brown knee high boots, they are exactly the type that I have been looking for, and I immediately decided to buy them. Not only are they the look I wanted, but they were so comfortable. Unfortunately, the only size they had were a size too big for me. I went to a different Rack Room hoping to find them there, but they didn’t even have them in stock. Discouraged, I went home to see if I could buy them online. This message is what I saw:

(Click on to enlarge.)

Therefore, I decided to check if there were anymore Rack Room stores around me that had my size (or anywhere close to my size).

(Click on to enlarge.)

If anyone finds this shoe in a 6.5, let me know. I will find a way to get them…


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