2012 New Year Resolutions

Here are my 2012 Resolutions

1. Stop drinking soda! I don’t drink a lot of soda anyway, but I really want to cut it out of my system. The only time I’ll allow myself to drink a soda this year is if it is a special occasion.

2. Work out at least two to three times a week! I really should be working out more times than that, but I’m trying to think realistically here.

3. Do better in school! I’m not a bad student, but I really want to bring my grades up. My hopes are to stay in the top ten throughout the end of the school year.

4. Make a new friend! This one shouldn’t be too hard, but I’m looking forward to it. :)

5. Eat healthier! This one is self explanatory. :)

6. Keep my room cleaner! This one’s for you, Dad.

I have some other mini things I want to accomplish throughout the year, but these are the main ones. :)

What are your New Year’s resolutions?


One thought on “2012 New Year Resolutions

  1. Dad says:

    I hope these are in no particular order :-)

    … And I’m with you on all the others. I’m only going to drink a soda once per weekend, I’m also going to eat better, again only splurging once on the weekend, and I am going to start working out again four times per week. And instead of finding a new friend, I’m going to find a new job in GE, in Atlanta.

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