Prank Time

To do this prank, you will need:

* Panty-liners

*Window crayons

*Your friends’ cars

*Permission from said friend’s mom

Megan, Casey, Sidney, and I went to Kroger and picked up our supplies. Then we went to Ben’s house because we knew all of the cars would be there. While the guys were in the basement, we snuck to their cars. Just as we were about to start, Ben’s mom came out. She actually gave us permission to prank their cars, as long as we didn’t permanently damage them. The best part is she said, “When you girls are done, you can come in for cookies!” It was quite hilarious when Ben found out his mom took our side hahaha.

We took the window crayons  and wrote inside jokes all over the windows. (If we hadn’t planned on telling them what we did, we wouldn’t have made it obvious with the inside jokes.) Then, we wrote more jokes on the pantyliners and stuck them on the spokes of their wheels.

After we were done, we hid behind his house and called them to come out to their cars. We could hear Ryan’s reaction all the way from the back!

Here are the pictures of what we did:

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