This Month in Pictures: October 2011

Karoline, Mary, Sid, myself, Megan, Ida, Lauren

October was definitely a good social month for me!

October 1st
A couple of my friends started out the day by taking the SAT. Afterwards, Lauren, Megan, Ida, Karoline, Casey, Sid and I met at O’Charley’s for lunch. I got a cherry limeade and a black and bleu salad (yum!). When we were done eating, we all went bowling. Unfortunately, Casey had to leave, but Mary met us there. :) We had a lot of fun!

Ida, myself, Christina, and Kristen

October 3rd
Unfortunately, we had to start the day by going to school. However, right after school, we all left for the Joe Jonas, Jay Sean, and JoJo concert! It didn’t start until 8, but we got there early so we could get good seats. We were SO close! Joe and I made eye contact for five seconds! :D During one song, Joe started throwing roses to the crowd, and Ida caught one! She was nice enough to give us all petals. :) The concert was SOOOOOOOO AMAZING. ♥
(Comment if you want to see more pictures.)

Christina and I

October 7th and 8th
On October 7th, my friends and I all went to the homecoming game together. Our school won! The next day was the homecoming dance. Click here to read more about it.

October 21st
Instead of going to the last home football game, we all decided to do something else for our Friday night. We all met at La Parilla for dinner at around five. We told the waitress it was Casey’s birthday without Casey knowing. Her reaction, because it wasn’t her birthday, was SO funny. She was clapping along with the music until she realized it was for her; then her mouth fell open. hahahaha

Afterwards, everyone except for Eric came over to my house. We played man hunt and roasted marshmallows. After the guys (Ben, Anil, and Ryan) and Mary left, the girls (Lauren, Sid, Tori, Megan, Casey, and Ida) slept over. It was a lot of fun!

Ida’s eyes

October 22nd
Most people left really early after the sleepover, but Casey and Ida stayed a bit longer. While they were there, I did the smoky eye on both of them. I absolutely LOVED how it came out on Ida. 
Later, Ben, Trevor, Eric, Jared, Ryan, Sid, Casey, and I went to a haunted house. It was a lot of fun!

October 28th
After school, Lauren, Casey, Ida, Kristin (Ida’s host sister), and I met at Taco Bell to eat dinner together. Afterwards, we all went to see Paranormal Activity 3. It was a lot scarier than the first one (I haven’t seen the second one), but the ending was stupid. After the movie, Lauren slept over. It was a good day. :)

October 29th
Everyone went to Ryan’s house to watch the Georgia and Florida game. We were all rooting for Georgia, so we were happy with the outcome. Afterwards, the guys served the chili that they made before we came over. I didn’t eat any because it was spicy, but I heard it was actually really good! (Click here to see how they made it a different time. They changed a few things when they made it for everyone.) Then, we all went downstairs and watched The Other Guys and the third Transformers movie.

Sid, Ida, Megan, Casey, and myself

October 31st
After school, Megan came over, and we got our costumes ready together. I did both of our makeup while we were waiting for the others. A couple hours after that, Sid, Ida, and Casey came over. I then did Ida and Casey’s makeup. After I was done, we all left and went to Megan’s neighborhood to trick or treat. Click here to see a more in depth version of my Halloween.

This month was so much fun!

If you want to see more pictures of any particular event, just let me know!


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