Halloween Nails 2011

Here is how I am doing my nails for Halloween tomorrow. It is extremely simple to do! It also does not take very long. :)

My costume is based around red and black, so those are the colors I will be using.

1. First apply a base coat to all of your nails. This step will keep the color from seeping into your nails and turning them yellow.

2. Take the color of your choice (I am using red), and paint an even coat on each nail.

3. Once it has dried, apply a second coat to each nail to ensure you get the fullest pigmentation.

4. Finally, once the second coat of red has dried. apply an even coat of black crackle nail polish. You need to make sure that you do this very quickly because once it dries, you cannot fix it without starting over. For this step, I used Pure Ice’s black crackle nail polish. It is only a few dollars, and it works very well!

Before I had chosen my outfit, I was going to do orange beneath the black crackle nail polish. However, the red matches a lot better. You shall see what my costume is tomorrow. :)

I have a post planned out about my outfit, accessories, and makeup!

(I’m also doing Ida, Megan, and Casey’s makeup.)


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