Homecoming Week 2011: Day Seven

Today was the day of homecoming!

In this post, I’m going to show my dress, the dress I almost wore, my shoes, my jewelry, my makeup, my perfume, my clutch, and my nails.

Because my friend had my curling iron, and I didn’t know what I was going to do with my hair yet, I ended up just wearing my hair straight. However, instead of just leaving it natural, I straighten it to make sure it did not have any flips or anything. I almost put my “bangs” in a pouf.

I had a minor fashion emergency just a few hours before I was supposed to meet my friends, and my mom had to go to the mall to see if she could find me a replacement dress. Unfortunately, none of the dresses really worked out. (It’s my fault; I should have gone with her to see if they were the right length and such.)

Here is the dress that I almost wore:

Here is the dress that I ended up wearing:

I wore my red platform pumps from Target:

I carried a black clutch from Off Broadway Shoes:

Here is the jewelry that I wore:
(The necklace is from Grandpa and Adele, the earrings are from Papaya, both of the bracelets are from my parents, and the ring is from Target.)

For my makeup, I did a new neutral look. My Aunt Janice bought me the Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV (thank you so much; I love it!!!), and I created my look using mostly that. I also used MAC’s All that Glitters eyeshadow, and MAC’s Rubenesque paint pot. I lined my bottom lashes with Cover Girl’s eyeliner in Brown Blaze. I lined my top lashes with Almay’s black liquid eyeliner. I almost wore ELF’s false eyelashes in Dramatic, but I ended up crying them off (long story..). Finally, I used Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Length mascara. For my lips, I used MAC lipstick in Angel. Over it, I used MAC Baby Sparks dazzleglass.

Here is a picture of my makeup:

I wore one of Kristen’s perfumes, but I can’t remember the name of it.

For my nails, my mom painted them all with Sally Hansen’s glitter nail polish in Midnight Sky. On my thumbs, we put on fake nails. (We were going to do them on all of my nails, but most of them didn’t fit. I had to put the index finger nails on my thumbs..)

My friend, Lizzie, and I:

My friend, Christina, and I:

What I looked like after homecoming:

Though my day didn’t start the best, it ended well. :) I ended up getting to see both of my groups of friends, which I didn’t think I would be able to do.


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