Get the Look: Demi Lovato Unbroken Album Cover Tutorial

I know my last “Get the Look” was Demi Lovato’s look in “Skyscraper“, but I really wanted to do her look on the front of her new album, “Unbroken.” (By the way, you guys should check it out! I absolutely love it! I bought it as soon as it came out.) She looks so gorgeous!

My favorite songs on the album are “In Real Life“, “For the Love of a Daughter“, “Give Your Heart a Break“, “Together“, “Lightweight“, and “Unbroken“. I really love the whole album, but if you’re only going to listen to two songs, I would say listen to “For the Love of a Daughter” and “Lightweight.”

At first, I wasn’t too crazy about the dark lip, but it’s growing on me. :)

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As in the last “Get the Look,” you’re going to want to make your face look completely flawless, so do the foundation routine that works the best for you. Demi’s face is completely matte, so if you wear a liquid foundation, I highly suggest using a setting powder to take away any shine.

Demi has very strong eyeliner in this look. Start off by putting black eyeliner on bottom lash line and your waterline. Then, smoke out a little black eyeshadow underneath your lash line. Blend this into a brown eyeshadow to complete. Make sure you do not leave a harsh line; it will look better if you take your brush and buff it out some.

Although none of the pictures allow me to see what Demi’s eyeshadow really looks like, I’m going to make a guess at what it might be. Take a champagne colored eyeshadow and place it all over your eyelid. Mix the champagne eyeshadow with a white and place it in your tear duct. After that, take a light to medium brown and apply it to your crease. Blend it out so that it’s not too harsh.

In addition to the strong eyeliner on her bottom lash line, she also has it on her top lash line. Take a  black eyeliner and draw a thick line on your lash line. I think that a gel or liquid eyeliner would be easiest to do this with.

I believe Demi might be wearing fake eyelashes on the cover of her album. Apply your favorite pair of false lashes, then put two or three coats of mascara on. If you don’t want to wear fake eyelashes, put a few more coats of mascara on. To ensure that the mascara is not clumpy, apply the additional coats while the first coat is still wet.

As always, she has very strong eyebrows in this picture. Take an eyebrow pencil in your shade and fill in your eyebrows.

From what I can tell, Demi is not wearing blush in this picture. However, I do think that her face is contoured with bronzer. Use your favorite bronzer to contour just below your cheekbones. The easiest way to do this is to make a fish face and follow the lines with  your brush.

You can skip this next part if it is too risky for you, but I think it really makes her look. Take a deep, DEEP burgundy or purple, almost black lipstick, and coat your lips with it. If needed, do a second coat.


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