Fashion Trends 2011: Fringe

It seems like this trend just came out of nowhere at my school last year (though it was everywhere on the Fashion Week runways…). It was almost as if one day, I just saw a bunch of people wearing fringe, and it stayed in style. I’m not really sure how I feel about this trend. I think that it looks good if it’s done correctly, but I believe that many people don’t necessarily pull it off. In my opinion, I think there should be just one main piece in your outfit that is fringe. If you follow this method, it is easier to look more trendy, and people are not overwhelmed by your ensemble. However, if you really love this trend, and you want to wear head-to-toe fringe, go for it!

I found it odd that although this trend is really popular, it was kind of hard to find online stores where you can buy it. You can find the first seven items at Papaya here and here, and you can also find many different brands of fringe on Shop Style’s website.

[EDIT: I just noticed that Rue21 has some fringe shirts.]

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