First Football Game of the 2011!

I didn’t get a picture of what I looked like for the game tonight, but let’s just say I was less than fashionable. (It wasn’t as bad as the colonial outfit I had to wear last week though…haha) It didn’t matter though because everyone was just dressed up in spirit wear for our school’s first football game of the season! We played our rival, and we won 24-14! This game was even more exciting than usual because it’s our first year going to the games as upperclassmen. :)

Some of my friends and I stayed after school to tailgate. We went out to eat at Las Palmas, then drove back to the school. We went to the Habitat for Humanity “party,” and then we went back outside to paint ourselves.

Here is what my legs looked like when I got home….

Not only was I covered in paint, but I was also covered in glitter and baby powder (or flour…I’m not really sure.) When our football players came out of the tunnel and ran through the banner, everyone in the student section threw the glitter and powder, so we were all covered in it. When the opposing team ran through their banner (no awesome tunnel for them), we all held up newspapers and acted like we were bored. :) I saw a picture of the student section that someone from the field took, and it looked really awesome!

I can’t wait to go to more football games♥

On a side note, I did this really cool green look for the game, and I will be posting a tutorial for it tomorrow. :) I will also be doing a blue look soon.

If you have any color requests, comment below or message me on YouTube, and I will gladly do a tutorial for you. :)


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