200th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe this is my 200th post…it seems like just yesterday that I started this blog!

I remember getting my 100th view and being SO excited, and now I get more than 1,000 a month! Thank you guys so much for reading my blog; it means a lot to me. :)

Here are some stats about my blog:
(You may have to click on the pictures to see the words better.)

I can't believe how far this blog has come! What amazes me that most is that I don't know most of the people who find it. :)

Although I know numbers don't matter, I still got really excited when I saw my latest statistics. :)

Some of the search terms that have led people to find my blog are SO strange. The two topics that lead to my blog most have to do with Megan Fox, locks of love, and having an oval face shape. haha!

It's hard to believe how many people have looked at my "Sunglasses for Your Face Shape" post. I never knew it would become that popular!

I've never even heard of my top referrer!

Here are my YouTube videos with the most views. My blog and YouTube channel have definitely helped each other out! Though I think it's kind of weird that my post about the Almay eyeshadow has 30 views, while the video has almost 500. haha

My YouTube statistics..


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