Hair Tips: Part Two

My first post about this article of hair tips that I found contained all tips that I had not heard of before. This post will be about tips that I have heard of before. I had originally planned on not talking about them, but I figured they might be able to help someone out.

1. If you don’t have greasy hair, and you want to skip taking a shower, here is a way for you to still get your normal volume: First, fill a spray bottle up with water. Once you have done that, spray the roots of your hair until they are damp. Use your hair dryer and a round brush to dry your roots.

2. Another way to get a lot of volume is to use rollers. The article said to use velcro holders, but for my hair I would use two-inch hot rollers. I feel like these would make the volume stay longer. Separate the roots on the top of your head (from your temple to your crown) into three sections on each side of your head. Leave your hair in the rollers for about thirty minutes. Once the time is up, gently comb and spray them with hairspray.

3. To give your hair more shine, rinse your hair with cold water before you get out of the shower. I almost always do this, and it really helps. The reason that it works is because it seals the cuticle and makes your hair look sleek.

4. When curling your hair, there really is no need to clamp your hair. In fact, I feel like it hurts your hair style. Whenever I use a clamp, it leaves a dent in my hair and is harder to get the curl to stay perfect off the barrel. I use Jose Eber’s no-clamp curling irons for curling my hair. If you do not have once, you could always just wrap your hair around the barrel without releasing the clamp.

This is the brand I used when I had colored hair.

5. In between your color treatment appointments, use an at-home glaze. These can help smooth and moisturize your hair because they fill holes and rough spots in your hair cuticles. They can also keep your hair color shiny and elongate the amount of time that the color lasts.


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