OOTD: August 13, 2011

Yesterday, I went to my friend Sidney’s house for a movie night. It was so much fun, there were almost twenty people there!

The picture above shows what I chose to wear to the get together. The shirt is from Rue21, the shorts are from Target, and the shoes (not pictured) are black sandals from Rue21. I also wore the hair extensions that I got at Hot Topic (see here for picture).

First, we all hung out in her backyard, ate cheeseburgers, and watched some people play a game. Casey, Megan, and I ended up falling off the hammock because one of the balls was coming towards us.  It was frightening yet funny at the same time. haha

After that, we went inside and watched Insidious. If you do not like scary movies, I highly suggest NOT watching this one. It was absolutely terrifying. Even some of the guys were screaming.

Overall, it was a pretty great day. :)

Back row: Ryan, Eric, Ben, Casey, and Ryan; Middle row: Anna, Steven, Trevor, Julia, Sidney, Ida, Lauren, Megan, and Casey; Front row: Me, Madeline, and Darby; Not pictured: Mary


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