OOTD: August 13, 2011

Yesterday, I went to my friend Sidney’s house for a movie night. It was so much fun, there were almost twenty people there!

The picture above shows what I chose to wear to the get together. The shirt is from Rue21, the shorts are from Target, and the shoes (not pictured) are black sandals from Rue21. I also wore the hair extensions that I got at Hot Topic (see here for picture).

First, we all hung out in her backyard, ate cheeseburgers, and watched some people play a game. Casey, Megan, and I ended up falling off theย hammock because one of the balls was coming towards us.ย ย It was frightening yet funny at the same time. haha

After that, we went inside and watched Insidious. If you do not like scary movies, I highly suggest NOT watching this one. It was absolutely terrifying. Even some of the guys were screaming.

Overall, it was a pretty great day. :)

Back row: Ryan, Eric, Ben, Casey, and Ryan; Middle row: Anna, Steven, Trevor, Julia, Sidney, Ida, Lauren, Megan, and Casey; Front row: Me, Madeline, and Darby; Not pictured: Mary


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