My Sweet Sixteen

My sixteenth birthday was back in December, but I decided to show you what I did for it.

Before the party, Stephanie, my dad, and I went to the clubhouse in my friend’s neighborhood to decorate.

Then we went back to my house, and we got ready. First, I did Steph’s makeup and hair. I can’t remember what I did for her makeup, but I curled her hair using a Jose Eber curling iron.

For my makeup, I did a strong blue smokey eye to match my color theme. Then I put my hair half-up, and Stephanie, Kristen, and I worked together to curl it. Finally, I changed into a white sweater dress, black leggings, and black boots. To accessorize, I wore a snowflake pin, snowflake earrings, a snowflake necklace, my tanzanite ring that I got for my birthday, and my cousin’s wedding tiara (thank you, Angela!). I carried my black clutch purse from homecoming, and I painted my nails Eletrick by Del Sol (it’s a powder blue).

We went back to the clubhouse at 6:30, and the party started at seven. It was so much fun; it could not have gone any better. :)

Here are some pictures from the party and afterwards:

My mom did such a wonderful job decorating the cake; thank you Mom! β™₯

Steph and I

Mom, Kristen, Grandma, and I

Mom, Kristen, Dad, and I

Mom, Kristen, and I

Krissy and I

Dad and I (He picked out and bought my dress for me, by the way. Thanks, Dad!)

Grandpa, Grandma, and I

Grandma and I

My wonderful friends β™₯ (Front row: Christina, Kristen, me, Lizzie; Middle row: Emily, Darby, Mikaela, Hannah, Victoria, Landon, Abigail; Last row: Catie, Sidney, Megan, Casey, and Steph)

And the best card award goes to…


Thank you all for coming; I love you! β™₯

{This was written August 22, 2011 to catch up on my belated posts.}


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