Hair Clip-ins: Pink and Purple

From Hot Topic for about $15

While at the mall yesterday, my friends and I went into Hot Topic. I didn’t plan on buying anything, but my friend, Lizzie, found these colored, clip-in hair extensions. I thought they all looked really cool, and I’ve wanted to get a strip of my hair dyed a different color for a long time. I thought this was the perfect solution because I can just put it in when I am in the mood. Solid colors were ten dollars, while multi-colored ones and feather-type ones were fifteen dollars. Two hair extensions come in each pack.

My favorite way to wear the clip-in is when I have my hair half up, like in the picture above.  I have found that this hairstyle makes it a lot easier to hide the clip in my hair and match my hair length at the same time.

I do not wear them that often because of school, but I always get a lot of compliments when I do!


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