OOTD: August 03, 2011

This outfit is what I am wearing for the third day of my junior year.

I know I have shown this shirt before, but I figured I would show it again just because my longer post is not ready yet. Under it, I am wearing a cream colored camisole.

The shirt is from Rue21, and the camisole is from Kohl’s.

Because the sleeveless shirt is against my school dress code, I will be wearing this white lace cover up over it.

This cover up is from Kohl’s.

I am wearing just plain blue jeans with a brown belt.

The jeans are from Rue21, and the belt is from Target.

For my accessories, I am wearing a gold heart and key necklace, a gold belt chain bracelet, my class ring, and my sister ring.

The necklace is from Rue21, the class ring is from my school, the sister ring is from Kohl’s, and the belt bracelet is from my grandma.

To match the accessories, I am wearing gold sandals.

These shoes are from TJ Maxx.

For my makeup, I will probably be doing a gold look. Also, I plan on putting a few little braids on the underside of my hair.


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