Back to School OOTD: July 29, 2011 (Orientation)

Today we have the walkthrough at our school. Normally, I would say to be sure to follow your school dress code (make a good first impression!), but I have other things going on today. (It’s going to be a very busy day. I have a doctor’s appointment at eight, the orientation from 9-11, Kristen’s orientation at 12, Trevor is coming over, and then we’re going to my grandparents’ house for dinner.)

I wanted to wear something summery, but I put a tank top under it to make it a little more appropriate for school.

The shirt is from Kohl's, and the tank top is from Rue21.

I decided to wear capris with this outfit so that I’m still cool but covered up as well. I paired them with a brown leather belt to tie in with the brown zig zags on the shirt.

The capris and the belt are both from Target.

I wanted to wear my other brown sandals today, but these were the only ones in my room when I was taking these pictures, so I decided to wear these sandals. I picked brown to match the bring out the brown in the shirt and my belt.

These sandals are from Rack Room Shoes.

To accessorize, I’m wearing a green, blue, and brown bracelet (it matches the shirt perfectly!), my class ring, my sister ring, and a turquoise ring from Helen. I am not wearing a necklace today because it would take away from the halter ring on the shirt.

The bracelet and the silver ring are from Kohl's, the turquoise ring is from a shop in Helen, and my class ring is from...the place our school picked to order them from. (I can't remember the name right now.)

I am carrying my white Guess purse. ā™„

This purse is from Guess.

I’m wearing my hair straight down, and I did a neutral eye for my makeup. I ended up putting on a light pink lipstick with a darker, sheerer lipgloss over it.

I’ll try and get a picture of what it looks like all together later on today!

P.S. I’m still going to do seven posts for “Back to School,” but they will all be posted by the time school starts on Monday.


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