How to: Keep Your Manicure From Chipping

I didn’t have any time to write a post today, so here an exerpt from a slideshow I viewed on I hope this helps someone!

“Cheer up: bold tones make for happy toes, but they’re also quick to show a smudge.

Revive shine: Restore the luster to once-vibrant lacquer by stroking on one coat of a very pale sparkly color. We like Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Bring on the Bling, $20.

Stay bright: Too much sun can cause light shades to turn tawny. Prevent yellowing with a quick coat of CND Air Dry Top Coat, $9, packed with UV absorbers.

Heal a split: Snag a nail? No sweat. Empty a tea bag and trim the paper to match the size and shape of your nail. Coat nail in nail glue (try Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue, $2), and press the sheet on, smoothing with an orange stick. Dry, file, then repolish.

Nix Nicks: It takes 24 hours for polish to set. (That explains those annoying chips!) Brush on Orly Smudge Fixer, $10, to diffuse color and hide boo-boos.”

I’ll write a better post tomorrow!


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