OOTD: July 22, 2011

Today, I went to meet my two friends for breakfast and shopping at Target and TJ Maxx. (Which I can do, because I got my license Tuesday! :D)

I wore a cream flowy shirt from Wet Seal, pink ruffle skirt from Target (I think..), white sandals (I can’t remember where they’re from…Rack Room maybe?), my class ring, my sister ring from Kohl’s, my friendship necklace from Steph, and a pearl bracelet from Kohl’s.

For my makeup, I did a neutral eye and a light pink lip. I painted my nails “Ink A Dink A Pink” by Nicole by O.P.I. It’s a really pretty hot pink. :)

I just realized why this shirt looks weird. My top is pulled too far up; it is supposed to be lower on my neck.

Afterwards, I came home and hung out with my sister while my dad was in surgery. (He’s okay.) I got to drive my dad’s BMW to the pool. :D

Once my mom and dad got home, Kristen and I went shopping at Petsmart, Ulta, and Target. We ended up only buying food! haha

It was a pretty good day. :)


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